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Skills Levels and Ratings

Our club has members ranging from those who just want a spontaneous fun session to those who want to get to the top of the most competitive play possible.   We try to accommodate all these interests.

Not everyone needs to be formally rated.  There are several sessions in our play calendars, like those designated "All" play, Open Play, and 2.0-2.5 play, that accept players with no club or tournament rating.  

Why get rated?

For those who would like a little more competitive play, consider these advantages of a formal rating:

  • A club rating clinic teaches you how to improve your play - each session includes feedback from the raters
  • Ratings enable members of similar skills to play together
  • It builds fun -- what's more thrilling than a close game?
  • It measures your progress
  • It helps you select suitable events
  • It sets up fairer tournaments, ladder play and other competitive play

lt is now a requirement for our club and for other clubs in our region that players wishing to play in club-organized events at a 3.0 level or higher, be club-rated or tournament-rated at that level. 

How to get rated?

We are fortunate to have qualified raters from In A Pickle oversee our ratings clinics. In A Pickle is also used by several other clubs in the capital region, ensuring equity with our sister clubs in Edmonton, the Parkland region, and Strathcona County.

To register for a rating clinic, simply find one for the level you wish to be rated at in our Rating Clinic calendar, open that rating clinic event, fill in the registration information, and pay the fee of $23.35 online by credit card. 

If you don't see a rating clinic posted in the next three months for your level, watch our news postings.  We'll advertise when we've created a new rating clinic and posted it as event in the rating clinic calendar.

Our system will automatically email you back to confirm your registration, confirm your payment, and more.  If the clinic is full, you can still put your name on a waiting list, and will be advised if there is a cancellation that opens up a spot for you.  The more people on this automated waiting list, the sooner we will schedule the next rating clinic at that level.

The event description has further information on cancellation limitations and processes. Questions beyond that may be directed to rating@pickleballstalbert.ca

Ratings Sheets

What level are you shooting for?  Here are the sheets the raters will use to evaluate your play.  Practice the skills on each sheet to excel at your clinic.

Following your rating clinic, the club will enter your rating as a club rating into your online profile.

Player Ratings Policy


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