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An overview of play

Where do we play?

(click on each to see a map)
 Alpine courts (outdoor)
 B-Active Badminton Club print and complete their health screening checklist at https://www.bactivebadminton.com/
 Bertha Kennedy School      enter main doors; if locked use buzzer to the right of the doors
 Holy Family School formerly named Vital Grandin; enter main doors on south end of west side
 JJ Nearing School Enter main doors
 Joseph M Demko School Enter school through the gymnasium door visible from the parking lot
 Larose Park courts (outdoor) 
 North Pointe Community Church park in the south lot, enter south doors on east side and proceed north in the hallway 
 Red Willow Community Church enter the west doors on the south side; don't be late as doors will be locked during play. See Sep 28 2020 newsletter for other rules
 Servus Credit Union Place Aka Servus Place. Enter sportsplex through south doors most days. On Farmer's Market days (Saturdays), enter through west doors
 Sister Alphonse Academy
 don't be late; doors are locked right when play starts, and there is no buzzer
 Sturgeon Heights School enter through main doors on east side -- usually one will remain unlocked for the first half hour of play

Please don't prop open exterior doors. Locked doors must remain locked for security. Propping a door open could also jeopardize our use privileges.

Other play-related questions?

Do you have other questions about the SAPC types or format of play, play etiquette, or official play rules?  You will likely find the answers in the other pages under the Play menu.


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