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Contact for Public

Please direct public and general enquiries to communications@pickleballstalbert.ca

Members and Public: Our experience is that the information you seek is likely already posted on this site.  Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here and here, and the other information on this site, before submitting a query to one of our busy volunteers. Members should log in to see the extra Member's section. Thank you!

Contacts for Members

 Subject  Contact
 Membership  info@pickleballstalbert.ca
 News  communications@pickleballstalbert.ca
 Volunteering  info@pickleballstalbert.ca
 Ratings  rating@pickleballstalbert.ca
 Training and mentoring  training@pickleballstalbert.ca
 Reserved play  regplay@pickleballstalbert.ca
 Corporate matters  secretary@pickleballstalbert.ca
 Finance and payments  treasurer@pickleballstalbert.ca
 Website  info@pickleballstalbert.ca
 Venue Coordinators  go to Teams and Committees

Mailing address

St. Albert Pickleball Club

PO Box 23086 Citadel

St. Albert, AB  T8N 6Z9

Board Members are listed on the bottom of the  home page

Suggestions or Concerns?

Our board has an open door policy and invites members to bring suggestions or concerns forward.

Help the Board make YOUR club the best it can be by:


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