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Club Management

Who makes our club work? Volunteers do!

How are our club volunteers organized?

  • Captains are the back bone of our organized play. There is one for each organized play session, and often a team of captains work together to look after some or all of the play times at a particular venue (play location).
    • Captains duties are on the Captain's page under this Club Mgmt menu.
    • Venue coordinators make captain assignments. There is one for each venue.
    • Venue coordinators report to the club's venue manager, who will either be a board member or who will report to a board member.
    • The Venue manager, in collaboration with venue coordinators and the reserved play coordinator, sets organized play times, types and levels through a play calendar coordinator, and works with other board members to secure additional venue rentals.
  • Other teams and committees, all vital and valued (and fun :-), include:
 Team / Committee Key Functions Lead(s) Board Connection
 Communications public and member communications  Communications Director Communications Director
 Health & Safety medical kits; procedures; monitoring

 Health Lead; Safety Lead

 Membership & Volunteers membership mgmt; team/committee coordination,  tracking and leadership recruitment  Membership & Volunteer Director Membership & Volunteer Director
 Nominating  board director and officer (Auditor, Ombudsperson) recruitment Board Secretary Board Secretary
 Social volunteer appreciation events Social Team Lead Vice President or President
 T-shirt and Ball Sales planning, managing, purchasing, selling of goods Sales Team Lead Treasurer
 Tournament  planning, managing, operating tournaments Tournament Team Lead Vice President or President
 Training & Skill Development beginner's lessons, mentoring, rating clinics Training Team Lead President
 Web IT systems development & operations; training of administrators (membership, event/calendar, communications) Web Manager Membership and Volunteers Director; Treasurer

Other key positions:

  • Auditor(s)
  • Board Directors - see bottom of home page
  • Equipment Manager
  • Ombudsperson
  • Rating Clinic Coordinator
  • Reserved Play Coordinator
  • Youth Coordinator

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