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Welcome to the St. Albert Pickleball Club

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Potential Members:  When Covid abates and health rules allow play to resume, we'd love to see you and welcome you to our club!  Even though play has not yet restarted, you can join anytime after February 28. Press the Join button to begin.


See our Explore Joining menu to get your frequently asked questions (FAQs) answered. Once the pandemic ends, you will also be able to sign up for a free beginner's lesson!

Once you've joined our friendly club, you'll be able to log in to this site as a member.  The sign-up and payment process is fully automated through this site.  

Visitors: We are sorry to have to advise that our visitor's policy is suspended for the duration of our pandemic. To help manage risks of COVID spread, play is for members only at this time. We hope the pandemic can be arrested soon so we can again welcome guests. Meanwhile, why not try us out by joining for a season? 

Fee Summary

Our annual fee of $35 (plus GST) is very low, but non-refundable.  Don't hesitate to join though -- pickleball is lots of fun, great exercise, and a wonderful opportunity to socialize and make new friends.  Once you join as a member, you will have the opportunity, on this site, to buy a card of 20 stickers for $67 ($3.35 each).  The cost to play at a drop-in indoor venue is one or two stickers, with amounts depending on the cost of the specific venue rental and the number of players we accommodate at once.

See our FAQ under the Explore Joining menu for more details.

News for you 

Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS) is Coming

Pickleball Canada is now using a new national system.  This system is being rolled out Canada wide and is coming to our club sometime in early June (but you know how large-scale projects can go).  We'll be updating on this page: https://pickleballcanada.org/club/SAPC 

After this June implementation, our club's registration and renewal process will become a little more complicated.  In short, members will be using two systems; both the new PickleBall Canada system, and our regular SAPC website.  Don't fret, we'll guide you on the "what and hows" of this new process to register or renew with SAPC. 

Why two systems?

  • Well, to remain affiliated with Pickleball Canada (PCO), all clubs must use PCNS for the registration and collection of PCO fees and Provincial association fees going forward. This helps PCO better manage their membership information which is pre-requisite to being recognized as a national sport organization in Canada. This  recognition is important; it means a better coaching and officiating program Canada-wide and it opens the door to better funding among many other things.
  • Unfortunately, this new system is still in its infancy. It works for membership management and some simple website management, but is not yet great at managing events, selling goods (like sticker cards), displaying play calendars, member news  or other advanced web features. But this functionality and more will eventually come. Until it does, our club will continue to use our current (awesomely feature-rich) system. We know that seeing and keeping our play calendars is important, for example (and no one wants to go back to manually handling event registrations, fun as that is!).

Questions? Email Ray at Treasurer@pickleballalberta.ca or Carol at Membership@pickleballalberta.ca.

Play Suspension and Ongoing Work

In compliance with government health safety rules and to help stem the spread of COVID, all club play remains suspended until further notice.

When play can resume, if the rules require that we revert to cohort-based play, we are ready to go! Stay tuned and stay well.

Meanwhile, lots is going on behind the scenes, including:

  • ongoing monthly board meetings,
  • work by the Facilities Task Force to promote the development of more pickleball facilities in St. Albert,
  • preparation for proposed 2021 bylaw changes,
  • 2021 budget-setting,
  • preparations for our June 2021 AGM,
  • work by our Nominating Committee in preparation for 2021 elections,
  • engagement with Pickleball Alberta and other Alberta clubs in the Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS) implementation (see Jan 30 Newsletter).

Note that PCNS was officially launched March 10.  Most Alberta clubs won't start using PCNS for memberships until June, and lots of work remains to be done in Alberta between now and then, but you can have a look at PCNS now by going to www.pickleballcanada.org.

Alpine and Larose 2021 Court Renovations


Some courts will be closed this spring, possibly in April, May and/or June. The City is taking down the south and east outer fence, installing sturdier fence posts, and erecting sound-deadening panels on this fencing.  We hope this only affects courts 1 to 4 and 12, but we'll see.


Great news!  These courts will be refurbished by the City this year. Starting in July, these courts will be completely resurfaced, re-layed out, and re-fenced.  We understand these will be brought to the same standards we see at Alpine. There will be two north-south running courts on the east end, flanked on the west by an aisle providing access to the courts. Then immediately west of the aisle will be four east-west courts. All courts will be individually fenced, and there will even be a bench or two in the centre aisle!

West of that will be two refurbished tennis courts.

Construction should be fixed by the time school re-starts in September.

Membership Sales Re-activated!

Membership sales and renewals are available again, as we expect some play to resume sometime this year, thanks to the immunizations now underway. 

Memberships being sold now will be valid up to December 31. Why the change in membership year ending?  Well, see the Jan 30 newsletter on the News page.

Do you want to know ...

... where we play?  Click on the top-level Play menu, then click on one of the location names to get a Google map.

... about the color-coding and other features of our calendars? Click on the top-level Calendar menu.

... how our club works?  Click on the top-level Club Mgmt menu.

Volunteer Opportunities

More Categories in Your Profile

Volunteering for your club is a great way to meet more people, and it is so satisfying to give back -- to contribute to a great organization and help your fellow members.

There are now more volunteer areas identified at the end of your membership profile. Log into your profile and pick your areas of interest. Training is available for all teams and positions.

The next time we need more volunteers in a particular area we will first go to those who have declared an interest via their profile.

Immediate Openings

Here are the positions we'd like to fill right way.

Assistant Treasurer - contact Treasurer@pickleballstalbert.ca



All Play and Rated Play

Any member, whether club rated or not, may attend a session designated in our calendars as "All Play."

If play is rated to a specific level, such as 2.5, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0, players must be club-rated or tournament-rated at the designated level, or higher, to play at that session.

Players with a rating higher than the session they are attending should play a soft game, facilitating fun and skill-development in the lower rated players.  Good sportsmanship is always in order.

Organized Play Types and Times

If you are a new member, you may be wondering how our organized play works.  Well we have several types of organized play. Each type is described here and here.

Indoor play is resuming at Red Willow this October. Watch our news for more details.  We are still in discussions with North Pointe Community Church, and are searching for other venues.  There will be no club play at schools until January or later.

Court locations are here.

Board Members

Eileen McClean

President & Venue Manager


Gary Marcellus

Vice President


Douwe Spriensma



Ray Keroack



Tamas Virag

Director at Large, Web Manager


Gary Spencer

Director of Communications


Carol Mah

Director of Membership and Volunteers



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