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January 23rd- Newsletter

2021-01-23 18:46 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Happy New Year!  Still Waiting for the OK

We hope your mild winter holiday weeks were grand! St. Albert and the surrounding areas have a wonderful access to other activities if you’re so inclined. If you’re more into reclining, then we also hope you’ve discovered some rewarding pastimes.

Some of us may be betting folks, but there’s low odds in successfully predicting a return to club play.  All we can do is guess, but the Board is ready and prepared to resume club play as soon as we get the “all clear.”  We are proceeding with club business and keeping the light shining for when we can all come back.

In the meantime, perhaps some of you can relate to these new substitutes for our previously active PB lives.

1.  Binging HGTV Mexico Life. (Did you see the house with its own PB court!)

2.  Zooming with the grandkids just doesn’t cut it!

3.  Cajoling any household member for play along in your DIY kitchen, tool room, or garage dink court...(ok, I confess to that one).

4.  Not looking in the mirror unless you have to.

5.  Life journaling for posterity..(because someone in the future has to remember this crazy epoch)

6.  Adopting a pet, then maybe two more.

7.  Ardently trying Spanish, again.

8. Every day's joy is the Amazon delivery.

9. You need three drawers now for your PJs and comfy clothes.

..and #10

10.  A self-rewarding (have a swig!, have a bite!) point system for any sit-ups or stretches!

Future Facilities

Recently in November when we canvassed you all about a willingness to plan for funding future facilities, we received enthusiastic feedback and support for the idea. A special thank you to all the members who not only took the time to read at least part of the report but who also took the time to provide input. All this input was so positively supportive that we have adopted the plan. We will also continue to take direction from that feedback as we begin to implement it. 

This plan considers both our immediate need for more courts and projects the future popularity of pickleball when even more play facilities will be required. It has lots of good stuff about what we need, what the possible opportunities are, and how we should be planning, now, to build up some of the initial funding needed for additional future facilities. As intended by this plan, our club strategy is to positively improve our revenue generation and capabilities to serve our members’ playing needs.

We’ve also benefited from the good thoughts and contributions of our club’s Facilities Task Force. The Board apparently enjoys “over the holidays” assignments and has posted the full plan on our SAPC website.

If you’d like a sampler of that plan here’s the table of contents (below). 


SAPC Facility Reserve

Investing in our Future

January 14th 2021 Edition


Executive Summary. 3

Where Are We At and What’s in Our Future?. 5

Membership Projection. 5

Indoor Facilities Needs. 5

Establishing Ratios of Courts Needed Per Member. 6

Projecting Indoor Court Needs. 6

Outdoor Facility Needs. 7

Establishing Ratios of Courts Needed Per Member. 7

Projecting Outdoor Court Needs. 7

Future Facility Options. 8

Indoor Play Venue Options. 8

Schools and Churches. 8

Servus Place. 8

Active Communities Alberta (ACA) Sport and Community Campus. 9

Rental or Lease of Private Sector Warehouse Space. 10

Rental of Private Sector Gymnasium Space. 10

Facility Ownership by Club. 10

Outdoor Play Options. 11

The Ideal Facility. 11

City-owned Courts: Alpine Courts Model 11

Future St. Albert Sport Campus. 12

City-Owned Courts Managed by SAPC. 12

Courts Leased or Owned by SAPC. 12

Priorities for Securing Facilities. 13

Role of Grants. 13

Role of a Facility Reserve. 14

Growing a Reserve. 14

Recommendation, Acceptance, and Implementation. 16

Appendix A: Questions and Answers. 17

Q1: Won’t the City provide needed indoor pickleball space without any contribution or involvement of a club like SAPC?. 17

Q2: Will the “for profit” private sector step up and provide needed pickleball space, as appears to be happening with the Edmonton Volleyball and Pickleball Center (EVP)?. 17

Q3: If SAPC were disbanded, what would happen to the capital reserve?. 


Whet your appetite for more? There's more. In detail! On the website, under Plans, Policies & Bylaws.

Until we chat, serve, drive, dink, chip, lob (noo please!), again!


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