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Indoor Registration CHANGE

2020-10-12 09:24 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Weekly Online Registration for Indoor: now at Thurs 12am.

Just when some of us are now accustomed to the new digeetal youniverse and are ok with using the website scheduling tool, here's a curveball.

Well not so much a curve, as an off-speed slider. You know those serves right?  

Here's the changeup. 

The Indoor Session Registration window time is changing. Here it is.

Starting this week on Thursday Oct. 15th, and for each Thursday thereafter, the "registration window" opens at 12am, yep, the spooky zone.

It's just the way the system will work best, meaning- no human has to interrupt their dinner and urgently manually manage the window.  Our website will do it for us!

Only, it can't tell time, just the day. So, we have a 12am. start, Thursday Oct 15) to register for ALL indoor sessions for that following week's period (Sunday to Saturday)

Ok, so the recap. This time with colour!

Starting THIS week, and for all future weeks, the night owls and early birds can scoop their weekly session spots starting at 12am Thursday mornings (aka Wednesday midnight).

Just getting the word out- real-time, to get-in-line, in-time!


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