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Newsletter October 17, 2022

2022-10-17 15:11 | Anonymous

In this issue:

 Outdoor Play  Indoor Play
 Level 1 Sports  

Outdoor Play

We have received notice from our public operations team that the nets at all tennis courts and pickleball courts will be taken down on Friday, October 21, 2022.  With colder weather setting in it looks like the last full day of outdoor play will be this Thursday.  As such, this will be the last week of outdoor organized play and it may be intermittent as many of our captains are now captaining indoor sessions.  Keep up to date on WhatsApp for updates regarding outdoor play at your level.

If you plan to go to the courts when the organized play session is cancelled, make sure you have your own pickleballs as there may not be a captain on site.  That being said, the outdoor courts are the Club's to use so continue to enjoy this week while this good weather continues!

There are no evening outdoor sessions planned for this week as it is getting dark before 7:00 pm, but, once again, feel free to organize play with your friends until the nets are take down on Friday. 

Indoor Play


Remember stickers are needed for school venues (1 sticker) and registered play at Red Willow (2 stickers).


Did you know that there are calendars which show all play sessions that pertain to each level of play?  You will find all of our Calendars on the SAPC website (click here).  For example if you are at the 3.5 level, just click on that Calendar (Rated 3.5 Calendar under the heading "Calendar by Rating and Training"), and you will only see the sessions that you are eligible to play in.  These Calendars do change from time to time, so it is best practice to verify the date, time and venue of your session before attending by quickly going to the appropriate website Calendar.

Level 1 Sports Venue

Everyone should check out the new sessions at the Level 1 Sports venue which begins this November - we need the sessions filled for them to be viable!   

You can register by going to the "Level 1 Sports Calendar" (click here) and clicking on the session that applies to your rating level.  These new sessions are for 4 games over four weeks at a very good price per session (if you cannot make a session that's no problem just arrange for a substitute). 

Until next time, keep your paddle up!  


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