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Newsletter Sep 30 2021

2021-09-30 10:04 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

In this issue:

 Indoor Play Starting  Indoor Play - Key Details
 Red Willow Details  Indoor Play Reminders
 School Play  How to Reserve Your Spot
 Save or Print Your Membership Card  Club Historian: Reta

Indoor Play Starting

Are you hoping to play indoors soon? Then this is the issue for you!  The first thing to know is that reservations for our first sessions, which are at Red Willow, can be made starting at about 4:30 pm Friday Oct 1.  Read on for more information about playing safe and about making reservations.

Indoor Play - Key Details

As we prepare for indoor play we wanted to review the rules. To make it easy, there are four things you MUST have to come to indoor play!

  1. Proof of vaccination.
  2. Mask
  3. Membership card
  4. Stickers.

We suggest you also have hand sanitizer for your use between games. 

1.  PROOF OF VACCINATION  can be on your phone or printed out. If you are just going to receive your second vaccination you will not be permitted to play indoors until two weeks after your second shot. The captains will check your proof of vaccination, noting the date of the second shot. The rules regarding proof of vaccination in the Sep 16 newsletter are still applicable.

2.  You will remain MASKED  anytime you are not playing on the courts. The easiest way to do this is keep a mask in your pocket so as you leave the court you can wear it immediately after play.

3.  You MUST  have your MEMBERSHIP CARD with you. We have new members and new captains. On your membership card it states your level of play and as the captains do not know everyone, this is the easiest way to check level of play.  Also confirms proof of ID when checking the vaccination card. It can be printed out or on your phone. Instructions on how to access and download or print your membership card are included at the end of this newsletter.

4.  STICKERS. It is the members responsibility to have stickers to play. If you have not ordered them, do so now. The captains or members WILL NO LONGER be selling stickers. If you are waiting for stickers to arrive, do not register to play until you have received them. The past practice of accommodating requests for stickers has caused problems for captains and members, so we're ending this practice now. Please allow three weeks for the processing and mail delivery of sticker cards.

These rules (and those below) are also posted in a more abbreviated form on the home page of our website. That home page article will continue to be updated as circumstances change -- and we're certainly getting used to change, aren't we?

Red Willow Details

We can not enter Red Willow until 10 minutes prior to our first session.   Most  days begin at 9:00 so do not come earlier than 10 to the hour . In the past we were entering the building earlier and earlier and we have assured Red Willow that this will not happen. For each session following the 9-11:00 session you will not be able to access the gym until approximately five after the hour.  

TWO STICKERS  are needed for session of play at Red Willow!

It has been agreed that members will not be gaining access to the foyer as social distancing cannot be adhered to. Just remain in your vehicles or you can stand outside if this is your wish.

The previous captain will have the session finished at 5 to the hour which gives the next captain time to allow everyone to leave .The captain will then spray the door handles and the washing room taps. When this is done the  captain will allow the next group to enter.

You can leave outdoor shoes in the foyer but bring everything else into the gym where it will be placed on a chair that you choose. The walls have been marked with a taped X so social distancing is observed. We will not be disinfecting the chairs after each session. However if you wish to clean the chair prior to sitting bring your own wipes. Red Willow is leaving a spray bottle but this spray leaves the chair wet and does not have to be wiped off. The captain  at the end of the last session of the day will ask those in attendance to spray their chair and stack them in the back foyer( where we used  to get the chairs prior to covid) not the front entrance.

There are 16 X's placed on the walls as on  the third and fourth Sundays  there is a free session for up to 16 people. This session can include members  of the public as this session of play is free, a gift from Red Willow to give back to the community. This session is not registered so the first 16 will gain entrance to play. All the rules for this free session are as above . When  Red Willow informs their members about this, they will all receive the information about requiring proof of vaccination, ID  and masks. 

When we last used Red Willow there were specific rules about only one person in the washroom. This rule is no longer in place.

Members may choose to spray the ball prior to play.  If so, they will need to bring their own disinfectant as the one provided at Red Willow is a heavy wet spray.

Indoor Play Reminders

These indoor play reminders apply to Red Willow, all school venues and other indoor venues. 


Members must bring indoor shoes! You cannot wear outdoor shoes into the gym unless there is a blazing fire in there and children need rescuing, okay? We know what weather we are expecting , so clean dry indoor shoes must be brought to be worn in the gyms.


Only water is allowed in the gyms. No juices or other drinks are allowed due to the damage they can cause to the gym floors. Also no food.


It continues to be important to check the calendar in case any of the venues are closed suddenly. If this happens with short notice it will usually be posted on our Facebook page.


Some of the play sessions will be identified with a on the calendar.  At these sessions, and ONLY at these sessions, can members play down. If you and your partner wish to play together but are both rated at different levels, you are able to attend ALL sessions. 

Why are these limitations in effect? Well, we expect the demand for indoor play to significantly exceed venue availability, and this helps balance play opportunities for all members.  In particular:

  • Covid may again restrict the number of venues we have.
  • Each venue has limited courts. (Red Willow has two, most schools have three and Vital Grandin has four courts. JJ Nearing has only two full courts as climbing equipment restricts full access to the third play court.)  
  • Sessions have been allocated to our venues in proportion to the number of members at each level (subject to captain availability). 
Each member can only reserve one play session per day, unless there is a vacancy in a reserved play session within an hour of start time. 


As we have limited courts and want to play as safe as practical, no visitors or spectators (non-players) are permitted.

School Play

The City has cancelled all community use of school bookings up until at least October 11th.  We hope to have more news on the availability of schools within a few days.

Assuming there is play at schools:

  • Each school has a different start and end time so ensure you check the calendar before heading out.
  • There will not be disinfecting spray at the schools.
  • Play at some schools may start in as drop-in, then convert to reserved play for Covid-safety, when attendance begins to regularly exceed about 150% of court capacity.
  • Play at schools will cost one sticker.

How to Reserve Your Spot

  1. Log in to our website.
  2. Click on the event in the indoor calendar or in a venue calendar.
  3. Next screen - if the registration is open there is a black button on the left side that says “Register”.  Click on “Register”. (If the session is full, you can also sign up to be put on the waitlist.) .
  4. Next screen - states the event and the registrant's email - there is a bottom right button that says “Next”. Click on “Next”.
  5. Next screen - states the event and the registrants name, email, and phone number. ***Make sure the box is checked to include your name in list of event registrants. This box must be checked as the captains need to know who is registered for the event. There is a bottom right button that says “Next”. Click on “Next”.
  6. Next screen - confirms all information. There is a bottom right button that says “Confirm”. Click on “Confirm”.
  7. Next screen - thanks you for your successful registration. You will  receive an email confirming your registration.

Do you need to cancel a reservation or have other questions on reservations? See our Reserved Play webpage.

Save or Print Your Membership Card

To print it:

  1. Log in on a device connected to a printer
  2. Select "View profile" from the menu you see when you hover over or click on the "head and shoulders" icon in the top right corner. (On some devices you may have to first tap the three-bar menu icon  to see the "View profile" option).
  3. Below the picture of your membership card, click "Printable PDF." A file should automatically download to your device.
  4. Open the downloaded file, called "MembershipCard.png" and follow the instructions in the file.

To access it and/or save it using an iPhone:

  1. Log in to our website from your iPhone.
  2. Tap the three-bar (menu) icon in the top left corner.
  3. Tap the head and shoulders icon in the top right corner.
  4. Select "View Profile".
  5. Show the membership card to your captain. (Note that steps 1 to 5 only work if connected to the internet via wifi or cellular. If you won't be connected at the venue, you can do steps 1-4 from home, then continue as follows.) 
  6. Below the picture of your membership card, click "Image optimized for smartphones".
  7. When asked "Do you want to download "MembershipCard.png?" click "Download."
  8. Go to your Files app, browse to your "Recent" or "Downloads" folder, and open the downloaded file.
  9. Save it or send it to a location (folder, email, message, etc.) that you find convenient for later retrieval (and for showing to a captain).
Similar steps can be used to access your card from an Android smartphone or other device.

Club Historian: Reta

Thanks Reta T for stepping forward and volunteering to be our Club Historian!  Members: if you have (or want to draft) any of the following, please email Reta at herbgirlrt@outlook.com:

  • photos (digital or prints)
  • stories
  • memorabilia

Were you on our club's first board? At the club's first tournament or at a recent tournament? Do you recall your first (or most recent) laugh as a club member?  What characters stick in your mind? What milestones do you recall?  Are you possibly the club's youngest or "more advanced" member, or do you know who that is? Do you have our club's first newsletter? Reta can put all your submissions together and you can have a spot as a contributor to the legacy we are all building and want to leave to our successors in this fun, wondrous and crazy world.

Until next time, keep your paddle up!


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