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Reserved Play

To play at an event marked RESERVED PLAY on an SAPC calendar, a member must reserve a spot in advance.

Send your full name, your email address, and a request to be added to the SAPC Sign Up Genius email group to regplay@pickleballstalbert.ca. You will then start receiving weekly emails via Sign Up Genius inviting you to reserve a spot at specific events. Note that this pre-registration is for the women's reserved play at Red Willow Church and the 3.5 reserved play at North Pointe Church. At present, the shoot-out reserved play and mentoring reserved play have different pre-registration processes. These different processes are described, respectively, on the Types of Play website page and the Training Opportunities website page.

  • Open the email inviting you to register for a spot.
  • At 6:00 pm on the Friday after receiving the weekly email, or later, from the open email you can tick the sessions desired and either ...
  • ... log in if you are a Sign Up Genius (SUG) member and press Sign Up Now, or ...
  • ...enter your first name, last name and club membership email address and press Sign Up Now.

Then, at the page of available Sign Ups, click a "Sign Up" box for one of the open sign ups, and click the "Submit and Sign Up" button.

Yes. After 6:00 pm on Friday, you can find our club’s Reserved Play events online, and book a spot from the search results. Here’s the process:

  • go to www.signupgenius.com
  • log in with your free SUG account if desired (optional step)
  • click the magnifying glass (search) symbol in the top right
  • search for events created by organizedplay@pickleballstalbert.ca
  • follow the rest of the prompts to select the desired session and enter your name and email address.

No you do not, but with a free SUG account it is easier to both make and cancel a reservation, saving you time over the long run. To get a free SUG account:

  • go to www.signupgenius.com
  • click Login
  • click New Account
  • enter your name and the same email address you use for your SAPC membership
  • click the “I am not a Robot” check box, wait two seconds for this verification to complete, and click Register Now
  • respond to the automated email you get to confirm to SUG you are the owner of that email address.

Yes. Furthermore, the email address you use to make a reservation must match the email address you used to join SAPC.

Club members will pay two stickers upon arrival to the venue. Attendance will be kept low, so you can expect to play about 90% of the time. This is double the amount of play time you would get at a crowded non-reserved (drop-in) SAPC indoor event, so it represents equivalent value in terms of play time.

Please be courteous to others wanting to play, and cancel your reservation as soon as you can.

In any case, cancel at least three full hours before the start of the event.

If you don’t make it, and don’t cancel at least three hours before, you will immediately owe the club the value of two stickers plus $2.00. Please use an Interac (email) transfer to send this amount to treasurer@pickleballstalbert.ca . In your transfer, please specify your full name, the words “missed reserved play” and the date and time of the event you missed.

Method 1: If you saved the confirmation email from SUG for your reserved play, open that email.

  • If you are already logged into SUG, then click "View Sign Up" in the email, click the "x" in the signup you wish to delete, and click the "Yes - Delete" button.
  • If you are not already logged in and don't have an SUG account, click "View Sign Up" in the confirmation email. In the next window, click the underlined "change your sign up" link. In the next window, select the option "I signed up without a Sign Up Genius account", enter your email address and press the "Send me an email" button. Then open that new email and take steps to first edit then delete the sign up.

Method 2, for those with an SUG account but without a confirmation email.

  • go to www.signupgenius.com and log in
  • on the next window showing your sign ups, click the "x" next to the reservation you wish to delete, and confirm by pressing the "Yes - Delete" button.

Method 3, for those without an SUG account and without a confirmation email.

  • go to www.signupgenius.com
  • click the search (magnifying glass) symbol, use the option to search for events created by organizedplay@pickleballstalbert.ca, check off the "I'm not a robot" box, and hit the Search button
  • in the page of sign ups, click the underlined "Change your Sign Up" link
  • in the next window, select the option "I signed up without a Sign Up Genius account", enter your email address, and press the "Send me an email" button.
  • then open that new email and take steps to first edit then delete the sign up.

You cannot cancel a reservation by simply adding a comment in the reservation stating you can no longer come. This does not free up the spot for someone else, and leaves you liable for the spot.

Typically, no. A captain may make an exception if the number of players who show up is less than the court capacity of the venue. As players are usually early to help set up nets or put on their indoor shoes, the captain may make this decision at the official start time of the event. (This is the stand-in court capacity rule.)

Any allowed stand-bys would still pay two stickers.

Note that the number of reservable spots will always be slightly more than the court capacity, providing some buffer to ensure the number who show up can at least fill the courts, so opportunities for stand-ins will be very few. Also, stand-ins cannot replace the first few absentees – they can only play if the number of players who show up is less than court capacity, and if the captain allows their stand-in.

Late reserved players may still play if the number of players already allowed by the captain is less than the number of reservable spots.

If there are several late reserved players,

  • and if the captain has already granted play to a stand-in per the above stand-in court-capacity rule,
  • and if some of the late reserved players subsequently show up, filling the original quota for the play time,
  • the next late reserved player loses their spot but does not owe the two-sticker fee.

Captains are asked to report these rare no shows and stand-in situations by email to the venue coordinator and to both regplay@pickleballstalbert.ca and treasurer@pickleballstalbert.ca.

No, the captain or her substitute already has a confirmed Captain’s spot. This is part of your perk for being one of our key volunteers.

If you are asked to be a substitute captain on short notice because the captain is suddenly unavailable, and if you already have a reserved spot, cancel that reservation if there is time, freeing it up for someone else. Short-notice substitute captains will obviously not owe a late cancellation fee.

Yes, captains and members can see who has reserved a spot. Here’s an easy way:

  • Register with regplay@pickleballstalbert.ca for the weekly email invitations; retain the last one.
  • Just before heading off to your play session, open that email, click the link to the sessions for the week, and view the list of registered members for your session.
  • Jot down the names or take a screen shot of them with your smart phone.
  • The captain’s name will not be on this list, but the captain nevertheless has a guaranteed reserved spot.
  • Check your spam or junk email folder. If found there, tell your email app this isn’t junk mail.
  • If a week has gone by and you still aren’t receiving your email invitations, send another email to regplay@pickleballstalbert.ca

Our complete SAPC membership list is loaded into SUG every two weeks. So it can take up to two weeks before SUG will recognize your email address and allow you to register for an SAPC Reserved Play event.

Email your comments, questions and suggestions regarding SAPC’s reserved play to regplay@pickleballstalbert.ca


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